Better understanding of stemmed dicotyledons, which is being cultivated in our country, is worth to use? – The desease, also known as the herbicide, is the name given to the Chinese by the actual observation of a winter species. The “worm” and the summer are “herbaceous”.

What is cordyceps?

Cercopithecus dorsica, also known as the herbicide, is a name given to the Chinese by the actual observation of a winter creature in the form of “baby deep “and the summer is” herbal “.

In winter, young moths are infested with sporadic fungi known as  o rdyceps Sinensis in the genus  o rdyceps . The fungal spore grows and prolifers throughout the winter, now in the form of a “worm”, sucking nutrients and killing the host, to the summer when the weather is warmer, Growing up and the body attached to the young, now has the form of “hematopoietic”.

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Cordyceps Militaris & Cordyceps sinensis

There are about 570 species of Cordyceps in nature  , some of which are of high medicinal value and are being studied cultivated as  Cordyceps SinensisCordyceps Militaris ( Cordyceps Militaris )  , Cordyceps), Cordyceps Takaomontana (Caterpillar fungus mulberry),  Cordyceps Sololifera , Cordyceps Cicadae … Besides scientists continue research and increasingly discovering new species in the genus fungi.

The cultivars are cultivated in our country?

First of all it must be said that carnitine is not a valuable name because of the uses for human health that it brings. Like the high purity plasmysaccharides, ginseng and ginseng have active saponins, and the dorsiformes represent two Cordycepin and Adenosine constituents.

Due to the over-exploitation, the  Cordyceps sinensis is in danger of extinction. To meet the huge demand, many countries and organizations conduct research to grow this fungus in the artificial environment. but not successful in growing fruit (mushroom). It all depends on the rearing of the silk system and extraction of the substance of the fungus to make up products for health or medical research. In another attempt, scientists looked for a fungicide that contained the same ingredients and function as the fungus.  Cordyceps militaris was considered to be the closest correlated species, the species Fungi contain nutrients and phytochemicals such as  Cordyceps sinensistraditional.


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Cordyceps Militaris


Type cordyceps grown popular in our country today is the species Cordyceps militaris species and costs o rdyceps , have relatives close to species ordyceps Sinensis and especially both species together two Cordycepin and Adenosine are very valuable for human health. Species Cordyceps militariseasily be raising achievement (mushrooms) and for the synthesis of time shorter, only take 3 months to fungal growth and synthesis of active substances for human health wealth.

Should use the same cultivars cultivated in our country?

In our country there are many units researched and applied to produce Cordyceps militaris Cordyceps militaris . This species is licensed by the Ministry of Health circulation with the trade name is Dong thuc hien. All products are licensed for circulation has been tested Cordycepin, Adenosine active ingredients and the only love microorganisms, heavy metals … so absolutely can be assured of the quality of products

There are many different types of products on the market today. Pure, natural, high-quality , nutritional drink, pellets. promote and enhance health as well as avoid the use of not enough or too much content that is not good for health.


Saha is a company with many years of research and development experience in the field of high technology medicinal mushrooms. All products of Saha CotyCorsyceps Militaris ) are manufactured by Saha. The closed process is strictly controlled from the stage of selection, breed breeding to the breeding, harvesting and preservation of products. The product is sublimated to ensure the integrity of the shape and content of the substance inside the product. Active in production technology and large-scale farming, Saha provides consumers with high-quality, low-cost dairy products to raise and protect the health of every family.



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