Damage of medicinal plants to cure cancer?

Suckhoedoisong.vn – In the past few years, the healing properties of precious medicinal herbs such as velvet, Ngoc Linh ginseng, etc. are infused with the ability to cure all diseases including cancer. It is not known how bad the use of these medicinal herbs, but these rumors have created a trend to hunt down precious medicinal resources. As a consequence, the resources of these medicinal plants are being consumed and consumers are more likely to buy fake pharmaceuticals.


TS. Pham Thanh Huyen – Dean of Medicine Materials – Institute of Medicinal Materials


The drug at the Institute of Medicinal materials to help real medicine with other types of medicinal herbs.

Medications will cure cancer?

In fact, hospitals such as Hospital K, Bach Mai Hospital regularly receive patients suffering from poisoning, complications caused by medicinal remedies from herbs, medicines, medicine, even food. For the treatment of cancer by using imitation products (trees resembling the same as precious medicinal plants).

TS. Pham Thanh Huyen, Dean of the Department of Medicine Resources, said: There are many kinds of herbs that are advertised for cancer treatment, but so far, there have been no scientific studies on herbal medicines. Used to cure cancer. These medicinal plants are still needed to be invested in intensive research to create a number of medicinal products from medicinal or functional products to support the treatment of certain diseases, including cancer.


Showcase medicine at the Institute of Medicinal Materials

“All herbs are just to support life extension by increasing the resistance or inhibiting the growth of tumor cells, so that patients feel secure when suffering from dangerous diseases.” – Dr. Pham Thanh Huyen emphasized.

According to TS. Huyen: Drug users should be consulted fully and scientifically from the doctors, the units provide those products to bring the best effect, not to hear rumors. Any medication has two sides, herbal not everyone can use, when used also based on the state. The use of herbs can also cause dangerous events.

Vietnam has abundant medicinal resources with more than 5000 species of medicinal plants widely distributed throughout the country. However, it is the people’s ignorance about the value of medicinal plants in Vietnam along with the traders to consolidate the collection so they are ready to hunt, kill more medicinal plants to sell to traders with cheaper price. Its real value repeatedly makes the source of precious medicine increasingly exhausted. Many medicinal plants have been put on the Red List because of the risk of extinction, severe decline in reserves, especially medicinal plants located in the forest area has wide distribution.

Video: TS. Pham Thanh Huyen – Dean of the Department of Medicine Resources – Institute of Medicinal Materials talk about the real effects of medicinal plants in the treatment of cancer.

Huyen warns: Most sources of medicinal plants need more time to reproduce, grow. For example, Sâm Ngọc Linh needs at least 5 years to have tubers, while at present, the demand is too large so no natural ginseng can meet up. Meanwhile, there are many other kinds of wild plants have the same shape as the plants and ginseng Ngoc Linh but not as effective as Ngoc Linh ginseng or even just wild. Therefore, consumers are prone to being fooled, buying fake pharmaceuticals.

According to Huyen: Vietnam currently has 144 species of rare medicinal plants are in danger of extinction that need conservation. Particularly in the showroom of the Institute of Medicines, there are nearly 2000 different medicinal herbs collected from 1961 to present. Many medicinal plants are over-exploited, causing them to run out and there are currently no natural species such as ginseng ginseng or flowers in the red book.

How are farming materials called clean, standardized?

In order to prevent many kinds of medicinal plants from extinction, while preserving and developing a valuable source of medicinal herbs to meet the increasing demand, the Institute of Medicinal Materials deploys medicinal plants. Since 1988, the Institute of Medicinal Materials has been assigned the focal point in preserving gene sources and medicinal plants in Vietnam. Since then, about 1,000 species of medicinal plants have been preserved and stored in different ecological regions and there are currently 1531 protected genetic resources. The Institute of Medicinal Materials also co-ordinates with local conservation implementing agencies.

According to Huyen, in the cultivation of medicinal plants, to ensure the source of quality pharmaceutical materials, the application of international standards is a general trend and indispensable. The most popular in Vietnam is the GACP-WHO standard (Good Practice for Crop Production and Medicinal Plant Harvesting by the World Health Organization) and the European BioTrade standard. Since 2013, the Institute of Medicinal Materials has cooperated with the BioTrade project funded by the Swiss organization HELVETAS.



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