Food, medicine for pancreatitis

Pancreatitis includes two types: acute pancreatitis and chronic pancreatitis. Diseases caused by eating, sugar bile, drunk …

Aside from taking pills, diet is also important for patients with pancreatitis. Although acute or chronic pancreatitis, should eat less, more meals, abstinence absolute alcohol, soft food, fat reduction … Here are some medicinal items that help treat this disease, you read can refer.


food for pancreatitis


Lesson 1: 150g bean sprouts, green peas 150g, 50g sprout, add enough water, cook light soup, every hour 50ml, day and night, for acute pancreatitis and swollen pancreatitis. The recurrence of acute recurrent attacks, with the use of heat to neutralize moisture.

Lesson 2: old chopped 1500g, washed for drinking water, every hour 50ml, all day and night, for acute inflammatory pancreatitis.


remedies for pancreatitis


Lesson 3: Goose feather 20g, in a star-shaped aluminum pot (not for fat), powdered flour, tofu 50g, drinking water color, drink 2 times, for acute pancreatitis.

Unit 4: Abdomen (mai ba ba) 1, burned, powdered, powdered with sesame oil, each time 0.3g, 3 times a day, after meals, for patients with chronic pancreatitis.

Lesson 5: Taro 250g, rinse fresh water, use hot boiling water, each drink 50ml, the number of times determined by the disease. Or taro add light water, drink also, for patients with acute pancreatitis, chronic, type of hemorrhages during the remission period, if not taboos, can also choose to use.



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