Gac: delicious food, precious medicine

Gac is a very precious tree that nature offers to humans. Gac fruit rice is used to make sticky rice, other parts like seeds, roots, leaves, gac are all precious.

Gac fruit rice : sweet taste calculated. Complications, blood, kidney, eyesight … Treatment dysfunction, opaque eyes, pregnant women, children whistle, weak liver function. Used in the form of cooked ripe fruit, pressed for Gac oil, young fruits cooked, stir fried. In particular, gac rice bran contains a lot of vitamins A, E – the role in the treatment of cardiovascular disease, dementia, weak eyes, blurred vision.

Gac seed (sweet mint): sweet, warm, slightly toxic. Effect of bloody stasis, acne pimples, lower bloodstream, made from swelling pain. Soaked with vinegar to treat mumps , pimples, pomegranate neck with hump, coronary nodes negotiate, bloody solid block swelling pain. Alcohol wine, treatment of bloody sores swelling bruise pain.

Gac root : bitter taste, cool. Effect of inflammation, detoxification, emphysema, only. How to use: soak or drink 2 times a day, each time to 12-14g, cure musculoskeletal pain.

Leaf Gac ( fresh carpenters) : freshly used to cure pain, young leaves for vegetables, cooked or fried foods, cool effects, laxative.



Parts of the gac plant such as rice, roots, stems, leaves, seeds are used as medicines.


Here are some ways to take gac:

Diarrhea (those who drank too much yellow jaundice), dark yellow fatigue) : Gac 2-3 seeds grinded with vinegar rice to drink 3 times / 30ml if urinalysis is very effective .

Cure gonorrhea (two feet of swollen pain): Gac seed slices mixed with gold starch rice bran oil, crushed small oil 40g, cinnamon 20g, each 8g mixed with white wine and water, several times a day. perspire.

Cure the gas (swollen pain): Gac seeds 30g or more grinded with vinegar embalmed on a few times.

Cure hemorrhoids (swollen hemorrhoids): Gac 2-3 seeds pounded with water and accumulating a lot of water on the day several times.

Speaker cure schedule (in the neck lymph node swelling and pain found floating more): kernel Gac 2 compressions remove oil mixed with egg whites thoroughly distilled eat after dinner, used 15 days a very good course.

Treatment of pomegranate poisoning (in the neck of the swollen lymph nodes pain): seeds of gac 7-9 cannabis mixed with rice vinegar embalmed many times.

Mumps treatment : 40g seeds gấc, cottage beans, rhubarb 40g. Squeeze the sesame oil a few times a day.

Cure gingivitis pain (bleeding gums usually inflammation swelling bleeding pain): gấc small seeds in water for about 30 minutes and then spit away.

Note: Gac kernel seeds are used mainly for external use, not for people with no damage, no blood stasis. People without experience do not use. If you drink about 2-4g (1-2 times).



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