Galangal as medicine

Rice is a very common spice in many dishes. It also has a different name: wig, galangal, scientific name: Alipinia officnarum Hance. Mai khong is the roots (tubers) dry galangal. Wild growing and growing throughout the region. In Oriental Medicine, it is also a medicinal substance that is highly medicinal.

Citronella root contains essential oil (0.5-1.5%). According to Oriental medicine, spicy stench, tempered. Into business and taste. Have moderate effect, canopy welding, only the system, the real. Treatment of abdominal pain, colds, vomiting, poor digestion … Date of use 3-6g. The following are some remedies that are high in calcium.

Treatment center by the welding:

Expression: abdominal pain due to cold, cold limbs, vomiting in the mouth, do not want to eat. Use the article: Cao wan khong thang: 48g khong cao, convention (star) 30g, posthumous (ginger) 60g, cinnamon 30g. Dilute with 600ml of water to 200ml of water, drink warm in the day. Effects: mildew, welding canopy, lower gas, stagnation.

cu-lien-lam-thuoc-1Galangal is a versatile medicine.


Treatment of tummy stiffness, abdominal pain: Using post paid salary: high salary khong, incense allowance equal. Sprinkle with fine flour mixed with rice water, fresh ginger juice to small salt, each drink 4 – 6g / 2 times, or drink. Effect: moderate welding, gas only.

Low temperature heat, chain, lower eucalyptus: Using the letter to restrain: 12g star burn fire, royal fire star 12g, Dahlia 8g, 60g base. Corn flakes complete with 30 capsules each time they are hungry. Uses: low temperature heat recovery, just.

Permanent vomiting, vomiting ceaselessly: live salvia living pounding 6g, apple 3 fruits. Cold drinks.

Intolerance: People with vomiting due to fever and diarrhea due to heat stress should not be used.



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