Good health from three – Trio is one of the familiar materials not only in the restaurant. Three dishes can be made into attractive dishes such as three roasted salt, ba ba cooked banana, ba ba baked salt peppers.

In Oriental medicine, many parts of turtles such as meat, blood, fat are the precious medicine many diseases.

T3 protein rich, glucitic lipids, inorganic salts, amino acids, iodine, vitamins A and D. Trampoline; on cannabis, kidney. Effect of blood vasodilation, blood serum heat, tonic reinforcements. Good for fever with fever, rheumatoid arthritis due to rheumatism, hot fever due to immune system diseases, chronic syndrome, thrombosis, white blood, swollen lymph nodes.

The following are some of the three:

Three baits of bones: 1 bauble (300-500g), 60g leaves, 60g river bone. Three three clean up tomorrow, head and intestines, chopped; Leaf cuttlefish, small cut bone; seasoning, cooking oil; add cooked boiled water or cooked by water; Can add tofu, banana green, corn, pineapple (pineapple). Eat nutritious, for patients with malaria, rheumatism low.


Three tubers of longan paints are very good for lung tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis; body aches, anorexia, anemia, cirrhosis, …

Three three-cell burial tunnel: Three three children (300-500g), 30g age, 20g, can add 15g female virgins. The trio has cleaned, chopped, the site, the virginal female into the pot, add enough water, cooked, remove the medicinal herbs, add spices. Used for pulmonary TB, chronic bronchitis, asthenia, anorexia, anemia, cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis, dyspnea, heart palpitations.

Tricolor: three baskets, 30g, 15g. Taste them cleanly, paint the medicine, longan in the pot, add enough boiling water, stew, add spices. Good for lung tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis. body aches, anorexia, anemia, cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis, dyspnea, heart palpitations.

Three goats, one goat meat (about 300g), goat meat 300g, 5g cardamom, fresh ginger, pepper, edible salt and other suitable condiments. Three cleaning, the tip of the nail, apricot and viscera, chopped; Sliced goat meat correspondingly as turtle meat. Taste three pieces of goat meat in the pot, add cardamom, fresh ginger, clean water; boil fire to boil, simmer for fire, add salt, pepper and other seasonings, split meals. This dish is very good for people with negative kidney failure, positive kidney failure, headache tinnitus, dizziness, hot fever fluctuate, sweating steal, cold chills, poor eating, slow digestion.

Three three models: three three children, 5g model. Add the salt, fish sauce, vinegar, ginger, onions, seasoning, simmer for about 1 hour, eat when medium cool. Suitable for menstrual cycles, asthma, fever fever.

Three baskets of corn whisk: 100g of turmeric, 10g of corn stalk, 8g of fruit, 3 red apples, 3 slices of ginger, just enough salt, cooked with water, corn stubble, eat water and the female. 2 days at a time. Effects of tonic, blood tonic, fat reduction and hypotension.

Three baskets look lotus: turtle meat cooked with lotus seeds to treat hemorrhage, menstrual. Cook with pork leg and big apple to increase lactation.

Tricycles: Trim three-phase with hot drink alcohol to restore health to new people sick, wake up, dizziness, flushing, shortness of breath, poor appetite.

Three-phase honey: diabetes, asthma, cardiovascular and intestinal diseases.

Tortoise used in addition to cure burns, sores, wounds, hemorrhoids.

Egg trio (yolk) wrapped banana leaves grilled for chronic dysentery; Use white to treat hemorrhoids …

Intolerance: People with diarrhea, loose liquor.



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