How to use onion medicine?

We often use onions to prepare different dishes but use the drug is not well known.

Onions have antioxidant properties, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and antihistamines. In fact, onions can remove toxins. It can lower cholesterol. This is one of the reasons that onions are an integral part of most salads. Indians use onions to process most of the spices.

Here are some ways to use onions:

Cure the warts

Cut a round onion and put on the wart. Tie a cloth upwards so that it does not fall off. Leave this on overnight and remove in the morning. Repeat this for a few days. Warts will soon be removed.


Cut the onion into pieces and squeeze the juice. Add a few drops of honey and drink twice a day to cough.


In case of minor burns when cooking, place an onion on the burned area of the skin for a few minutes to work.




If you are suffering from a cold, place an onion near your sleeping place. It will absorb the microbes and stimulants.


Before bed, cut a small onion, a potato and 2 garlic branches. Put on a pair of socks and sleep wear.

Sinus problems

Eating fresh onions will soon clean the nose. Alternatively, you can make ginger tea by putting onion along with ginger in boiling water



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