Interesting sharing of the Northwest physician on the years of hard work to save people – Born and raised in a family with a long tradition of medicine, from early childhood, Pham Trong Hung’s father followed his father and grandfather roam around picking medicinal plants. With the mind of “Healing is the highest, the happiest,” the healer brought health, faith love life how many people sick sick.

Graduated with medical profession from a young age

Witnessed Hoang Thi Huyen T (who had severe arthritis) completely healthy, full of energy to make us happy with her. To win joint disease, Ms. Thanh revealed that thanks to the miracle from the traditional medicine of Pham Trong Hung. And, T is not alone with the illness, but he also helped many people escape the abuse of illness to find joy in life. In order to prove that we are completely correct and do not paint, Ms. T took us to Pham Trong Hung, owner of traditional herbal medicine, Thao Nam Son, located at 063 Coc Leu Street, Lao Cai, Lao Cai province.

Traditional medicine pharmacy Pham Trong Hung – 063 Coc Leu Street – Lao Cai – Lao Cai

As right as Ms. T said, when stepping into the clinic of Hung’s doctor, there are many patients are standing here waiting for the visit. Late afternoon, in the midst of work, Hung new he has some spare time to share about life and the painful years with medical profession. Hung said: “From 12 to 13 years old, I was following his grandfather into the forest picking herbs. In that process, he taught me a lot of things, such as how this tree works, how useful the other tree species. Then, I am very attached to the medical profession from time to time. At the age of 21, I alone wandered backpack to mountainous areas in the central mountainous provinces, Central Highland to seek medicinal value. During that time, I discovered a lot of things and localized the precious medicinal plants recorded in the letter. Fortunately, he gave me good health because there are many people of the same age, only after ten years to the forest picking the weak, weak legs reluctant knee. The same that I was trapped in the forest ice stream is no less than the boys.

Pham Trong Hung’s family comes from a traditional family. During the 7 years of medical treatment, his family always took the word “mind” as the foundation. Years of practice, his goal is not only to cure temporary, but to cure the root to the risk of recurrence as low as possible. In particular, his remedies are processed by machines with modern technology, without causing heat without any side effects.

“Today, herbs are scarce, lucky I live near the Hoang Lien Son Range – one of the mountains that own many medicinal properties, so the medicine. The disease of the Pham Trong family is also improved. ” Practicing medicine for nearly 30 years, he has cured thousands of people. In his diary book, a series of patient names followed in the footsteps. There are not only patients in the province of Lao Cai but many people from Tuyen Quang, Bac Kan, Ninh Binh, Thanh Hoa, Dac Lac, Kon Tum … to find. Interestingly, his patients, including those who currently live and work abroad. Mr. Hung remembers living overseas in the past as a Viet Kieu (a native of Vĩnh phúc) who is living in the United States. Due to the differences in climate, he has severe arthritis for 10 years. The evil monk abuse him to move difficult, heal in many places but still recur. One time casually read the article about Hung online pharmacy, he found out and believed in the medical ethics as well as the talent of this doctor should find a way to contact. After that, he was sent to the US to give drugs to Hung. Until now, his arthritis is completely healed, no signs of recurrence. He sent the drug to the US to drink. Until now, his arthritis is completely healed, no signs of recurrence. He sent the drug to the US to drink. Until now, his arthritis is completely healed, no signs of recurrence.

A very unique remedy

In particular, about the disease of the joints, he said, due to the resistance of the body is poor, the causative factors together to infringe the muscle in the joints. As a result, the activity of the obstructed airway, causing swelling, pain, numbness, fatigue, severe pain in a joint or body. Some people who are suffering from chronic illness or from aging, weaken the function of the body so that blood gas is reduced, not nourish the balance, causing joint pain and degeneration. Therefore, when treating joint diseases, traditional medicine is directed towards the circulation of blood in the tendons, bones, bringing the disease elements (welding, low temperature, heat) out and prevention of recurrence. In treatment, physicians also pay attention to the disease or prolonged, or recurrent many times. If new, patients need to use the main pathogen removal methods.



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