Lemon juice sore throat

Lemon grass also known as leafy vegetables, herbs, hairy. Lemon basil contains phenol-rich essential oil, eugenol salixylat and colein red pigment, strong antibiotic.
According to oriental medicine, lemon basil warmth, spicy aroma, slightly sour, lemon scented, have beneficial effects, except sputum, soluble, detoxification. Often used as a cure for respiratory diseases, cough, sore throat, asthma, bee treatment, ant, scorpion burn.

How to use lemon basil:

Cough, sore throat, hoarseness: lemon basil, marjoram, perilla, chives, fresh ginger every 8g with 500ml water, divided drink 3 times. Or lemon basil leaves washed, add a little salt, swallow the water gradually. Or basil lemon juice 10g juice 2 times. For children need more sugar, steamed water drinks.


Asthma with phlegm:


lemon juice 10g, leaves burns 10g drinking water when going to bed.

Cure colds: Fresh leaves boiled or mixed with some other fragrant leaves.

Abdominal pain: some lemon basil leaves add a little salt, chew the water gradually.

To relieve pain caused by poisonous ants, centipede, scorpion burn: 20g lemon basil, salt eat a few seeds, all small repellents or chewing, swallowing water, burnt to burn.



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