Long time to do drugs

Suckhoedoisong.vn – The medicine is taken from the soil of the stove with stove or firewood. People dig up the buried soil, remove the burning and impurities. The medicine is also made from loess (yellow clay) to heat, which means burning several times as the kitchen is also called the heart of the loins. According to Oriental clothing, light, warm, business rules, taste

Moderate effects, school wax, vomiting, blood. Treatment of vomiting, diarrhea (ingestion of vomit), bloody diarrhea, hemorrhage, hemorrhoids, hemophilia, hemiparesis, ectopic. Dosage is from 12-40g. When stirring to dissolve in water, settling, filtering, removing impurities, remove the fluid in the drug.

Please introduce some medications to treat the disease

– In case of pregnancy 2-3 months vomiting sputum or sticky foam, hungry fullness, dizziness dizziness, thirst, flush face, preferring to drink cold water due to welding, heat confused, secondary damage . Treatment: taste, warm spit, thugs, vomiting, low chemistry, except talk.




Use all all, sip god only worship include : Restoration of long accused 40g, sa ginseng 15g, for parts 12g, can khương 6g, imperial impressive 6g, licorice 4g, White Atractylodes 12g, sell off 10g, ceiling packing 12g, born Jiang 10g, royal contact 4g. Drinks

– If conceive vomiting, can not eat, vomit water, the princes or dull pain, good hot food, is co, cold limbs, face pale, chills because you weld caused . Rule is warm, except welding, anti-vomiting.

Using Duong Duong Reversion : 30g, 15g, 10 apples, 30g, 15g, Drinks.




– In case of weakness, head shock, nervousness, psychic temperament, the dentist cum more damage .

Using Ngô thị sinh condemned humiliation : 60g, 60g birth, chicks 1 child. How to make chicken, remove the intestine to the baby in the chicken belly, put in a pot of water, use the filter to add a little salt, covered, cooked, eat chicken or water, once a day or day .




– In the early stages of pregnancy vomit acidic water or water bitter, gnawing chest, annoyed, bitter mouth, belching due to phlegm heat simmering inside, courage, the discord. Treatment of tear, harmony, chemistry, heat bar, inverse, vomiting.

Using spice to boil : 24g omelets, 6g ceiling, only 6g, patchouli 4g, sell 10g, royal 6g, tenacious, 8g, 8g, 12g sausage. Drinks, on a scale 2-3 times.

– Cure vomiting blood, nosebleeds, hemorrhoids, women, menstrual hemorrhage due to pneumothorax . Treatment of vomiting, bruising, blood, hemostatic.

Using the Hoang Quan thang : 24 g long, 12g 12g 12g, extract 12g, white 16g, a 16g delivery, geography 16g, good drink.



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