Medication for gas welding – Welding air charge in positive Yang disease in typhoid. Cause is after sexual activity do not rest …

Welding pneumonia in positive typhoid disease. Cause is that after sexual activities do not rest, hurry up the wind, causing gas welding to the lower leg, cold legs gradually numb to become painful gas solder disease.

People with cold symptoms, just want to be near the fire or always warm, feet are cold, travel difficult, not swollen, not hot, the structure is not painful, sometimes within the throats, mouth not thirsty, pulmonary decay, pulmonary embolism. This disease is not treated promptly, will develop the clot and chronic ductus, on the forehead and eyeballs are all black expression, narcotic spirit, speak babble, that is the expression of hydrography and ” ” very dangerous.


Cinnamon (cinnamon bark) – a remedy for gas welding.

Treatment methods: weld disease air full of the status: foot pain, not hot, the pain does not hurt, defecation, the pulse … 8g, 12g desserts, 12g laxative, 8g licorice, the first 12g, cinnamon 8g, royal 12g. Head up with 3 cups of honey (1/4 cup of honey and water), leave 1 bowl, remove the umbrella, add 3 bowls of water and other ingredients to stir, boil 1 bowl, , drink 3 times.

If the time comes to develop eclipsing and chronic asthma, narcotics, talking babble … for the song “Spicy wood duo through the ladder”: 4g omelet, 12g millet, 12g box, 6g, born 12g. Boil with 3 bowls of water, 1 cup of water, leave the pulp, drink once. Use wormwood to save the grave for the air to bring down. Point of view intact: From the belly straight down to 3 inches, or put the palms below the navel, the point of the fourth finger below the navel.

After the patient is awake, need to continue to add the article “Reduce the smell of cinnamon additive ladder”: 12g daddy, 12g dahlia, licorice 8g, 12g umbrella, cinnamon 8g, royal 12g. The first bowl with 3 bowls of water, 1 bowl, remove the bowl, add 3 bowls of water and other drugs to stir, boil a bowl, remove the sebum, drink 3 times.

Welter air fare after the patient but early in the morning the defecation and fatigue tired spirit, that is due to air in the spleen, kidneys are damaged so the article “Middle escalators”: sub 8g, white leek 10g, licorice 10g, canard 10g, ginseng 10g. Boil them with 3 bowls of water, leave 1 bowl, leave the pulp, drink once. Reduction: want to give drugs into the can of the carpenters through 10g; Want to add the white squash to 12g; want to lose weight, 10g white matter; If you want to lead in the mind, 10g; abdominal pain more than 6g; thirsty and lowered, add white leek into 20g; if tired just want to lie, add the father to 12g; abdominal fullness reduces the liquorice; If vomiting, reduce white leucopaise, add fresh pineapple (fresh ginger juice) 1 tablespoon and sell 12g lower; under the umbilical cord, reduce the white bilirubin, add cinnamon heart 8g; lower your heart rate 12g; welding, hung only 10g.



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