Medicinal cough treatment last year

In the last days of the year, the weather changed: the day was hot, the night and the early morning was cold. For young children and the elderly, such weather changes cause respiratory distress leading to bronchial pneumonia, upper respiratory tract infection, the most uncomfortable symptom is cough

In the last days of the year, the weather changed: the day was hot, the night and the early morning was cold. In the case of young children and the elderly, the change in weather causes respiratory distress leading to bronchitis, upper respiratory tract infection, the most annoying symptom is cough. Herbal remedies can help you deal with this condition.

In cases where the child has many spit, occasionally cough a few hours, eating disorders. Difficult: use 4 grams of flour for a sample, use two teaspoons of honey (10ml) to mix well, put into a cup of rice, to cook steamed rice steamer, or steamed water to ripe, Can exclude talk, cough and communication facilities.



If children cough and vomit, 3 to 4 drops of ginger juice into the pattern and honey, steamed for children to drink, children will cough out.

The honey pattern can cure many children’s cough and even adults.

Use 8 grams of milk per adult for each dose, while honey should use 3 to 4 tablespoons (12 ml).

If coughing vomiting, add a few drops of ginger juice, the effect will be better.

Although the drug is a drug used to treat cough and talk, but people are welding, diarrhea, should not use it.

In the folk there is a prescription drug called “Tam tam phung sam thang”: cross 6g pattern, 6g hybrid, 6g pigment, 1.5g yellow gamma. Pour two cups of water near a cup, drink warm after a meal.

Old men often have many talks can be used to make pills.

Exotic models (available in the North pharmacy) is a drug commonly used to treat cough. This is a mild drug, whether older people or young children can weak use it to cure cough, talk, if done without finishing disease does not cause any side effects.

Sampling production in the Sichuan area is the best, called the sampling. The production sample in the region of Zhejiang called the philosophical, the use of sputum to treat cough as well.

In addition, piercing is also used steamed with pear, which is quite effective when cough due to heat, especially on sunny days, dry.

Stomach is a drug that coughs common cough, pear capable of heat, sweating, leukoplakia cough. Accompany the pears with effective cough as possible. However, it should be noted that it only works for dry cough, low phlegm or phlegm with dry throat, dry mouth, constipation caused by heat lung. The symptoms of welding, cough with sputum in diluted, cold fear, not warm hands due to diseases such as bronchitis like chronic bronchitis in the elderly should not eat this.

The method of penetrating as follows: 4g penetrating, a pear, 10g sugar alum. Le peeled off the shell, cut off the core, crushed crushed into pear into the pear sugar along with. Place the pear in the bowl, add enough water and steam for half an hour. When eating: eat pear juice, eat a day, divided into 2 – 3 times; should eat from 3 to 4 days.



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