Medicinal vaginal strength as a blow?

In the literature of Oriental medicine, rarely see the drug soaked wine.

Alcohol is an oriental medicine, but most of it is used as a catalyst to impregnate the drug into the blood, increasing the heat of some drugs to exclude welding, need to put drugs on the upper muscles. The drug is soaked alcohol is determined by each physician to treat some diseases, alcohol use to make solvent drugs.

When using high-altitude animals or plants for treatment, soak with alcohol. But what kind of medicine to heal, in any organs must use appropriate medication soaked with alcohol to enter the viscera. Soak separately, then mixed with medicated alcohol soaked separately for patients to drink. Alcohol is a drug that does not have the effect of healing. Oriental medicine in addition to ginseng used for the taste, there is no taste of medicine used to treat the disease has a fruit.

Some medications are used to soak the medication

Trigger: Trigger is a medicine in Oriental medicine used to rejuvenate the kidney but the main role of the triple is to try. When using three stimulators to use sperm preparations, when the plentiful, to use the bait to try, do not give premature ejaculation, when the partner has not reached the peak orgasm, do not have kidney medication The vagina is empty, the bag is empty. So the drug soaked with three rattles must have drug spleen, kidneys germinal tonic, soaked with three clicks, the new three to promote the effect. Using a triple trigger does not work.ruou-thuoc-co-cuong-trang-don-thoi-1

Alcohol is just a solvent, no potent effect or healing.

Solid snake: Some local solid soak with alcohol drink to treat the other disease, even prescribe the kidney disease. But their snake-wine dipping was terrifying. Snakes are so dirty that they pour alcohol into the dip – that’s impossible. Do not know if healed or not but caused another disease. Wanting to soak a snake wine is to kill snakes first. Snakes are alive, pour alcohol into the snake, release all the dirt and poison in the snake, remove the wine, snake, remove all the organs (only leave the bile), the other alcohol to soak. And soaked in a remedy of Oriental medicine, Oriental medicine must have the content to guide the substance of the snake into the organs, the touch that need to heal there. If you drink only solid wine, it does not have the effect of treating the disease but sometimes bringing it to people.

Leaf soak and roots:At present, some localities picking leaves, digging roots in the forest (not verified by functional agencies), when drinking into the poisoned to the emergency, in case of loss of life. By the way, I would like to repeat two cases of alcohol poisoning nearly 30 years ago: a case in Dak Lak soaked wine root in the forest drinking, some died including the Oriental medicine. As in Quang Ngai immersed in the song “all over great” but drink to the patient died in the battle. When the Oriental Medicine Association came to the test, the root of the toes was a lethal poison. Years of my work in the Eastern Medical Association of Vietnam, when going to the local people have told me to soak the wine “Six to complete the kidney”. I said immediately: “The hematopoietic” is a tonic kidney tonic (tonic) to produce blood and star treatment soaked wine, alcohol is hot spicy medicine, heat damage to the blood circulation to go soaked wine is not right “. He did not say anything … In Oriental medicine, hot spicy or poisonous substances like father also prohibited to use alcohol to drink. In short, not all medications, any medicine can soak it, it is important to note.

Who can not drink alcohol?

As mentioned above, alcohol is a drug but as a solvent for drug delivery, there is no therapeutic effect, except for individual cases. If you drink alcohol to see red face, fatigue … if drinking alcohol will cause additional heat leading to cardiovascular damage. Hot drinks make the blood cool, circulation is unbalanced, the action of blood in the heart is limited to damage the circulation of blood leading to poor body, poor eating, poor physiology, Often coughing but not clear cause. For hot liver, when drinking alcohol often suffer headaches dizziness, gastrointestinal disorders, skin tan, rash itch … this is a manifestation of the liver excretion, if continued to drink alcohol will lead to cirrhosis or liver cancer. For poorer kidney, drinking alcohol to see back pain, dry throat, hot in the abdomen uncomfortable, Little urination or red urine is not good. Acute aquatic hepatitis, blood hemorrhage, when the kidneys are poor but drink alcohol damage the kidney, causing the blood is damaged, not enough to nourish the body, dry body, semen is not enough To feed sperm causes sperm death resulting in male infertility.

Thus, alcohol has no therapeutic effect but is a solvent for drug delivery, most used in the case of treatment of a number of diseases or patients with glaucoma with welding pain aches. Alcohol does not have the effect of nourishing the body, does not have the effect of making the body as strong as the rumor …



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