The Divine – The chemistry of chemistry

The goddess has another name: the divine, the spade, the dumbbell … Massa medicata fermentata is a product made from wheat flour and other powders, mixed well, molded, put up yeast.

In volatile oil, yeast, proteins, lipids and vitamins.

According to Oriental medicine, the sweet, spicy, sweet temperament; into the business and taste, have the effect of digestion, appetite, spleen. Cure the testimonies, full belly, eat less or boil abdominal excretion, milk stumps. Dosage: 12 – 30g in the form of sharpener, brake, powder.

The following are some of the meditations:

Authentication. Treat food stagnant, abdominal pain, eating not good.

Lesson 1: Divine 1/2 – 1 piece, slurried with boiled water.

Lesson 2: 12g herring, 16g germ seedlings, 4g dried ginger, 8g humiliation. Drinks.

Lesson 3: Dice, traumas, postmortem, malt 12g each. Powder flakes. Take 2-3 times, 3 to 6g each

Compulsory, cure, food stagnant, diarrhea: 12g divine, white deer 16g, only real 8g, 12g sprout. Drinks.

Cultivation: using the article Scorpio Scorpio: 6g divination, tam Lang 2g; Aloe Vera 0.2g; Prince Charming, Ingredient, licorice live, royal family, tusk, ceiling each type 4g, lang lang 2g, malt 6g. 3 times, combined, divided drink 3 times a day, should use the juice and the apple and ladder.luc-than-cucum-thuoc-tieu-thuoc-hoa-ti-hoa-vi-1

The effects of the chemical effects, appetite, spleen. Cure the testimony, stomach full of little or boiled abdominal excretion, milk stew.

Some of the pharmacy have the god:

The canopy: 30g, 15g, 15g. All smooth powder. Take 3 times, 4g each, drink with boiling water or roasted rice water. For people with diarrhea, abdominal cramps.

The scandal of cinnamon scrambled cottage: 10g, 10g cinnamon, 5g. Smooth powder Each time 2g, 2-3 times a day. Suitable for patients with severe coronary disease (pain from peptic ulcer disease), pain from cold stomach …

Loose powdered soft licorice: 10g desserts, 10g dump, licorice 5g. All smooth powder, mixed with porridge or water, roasted rice water, drink. Children with vomiting, diarrhea, gastrointestinal disorders.

Cake soup: 150g wheat flour, 60g ginger, 90g ginger juice, 60g goat meat. Wheat flour, ginger powder, ginger juice, knead dough to coarse. Sliced goat meat, cooked soup soup. When cooked goat meat, add noodles, add spicy sauce, cooked to ripe. Eat when hungry, once a day. Good for poorer elderly, poor digestion, dyspepsia, bad breath, full belching, thinning, weakness, or nausea when eating.

Intolerance: Do not use for people with peptic ulcer.



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