The rustic carved inscriptions in Oriental medicine

Sickle cell carcinoma is often found in diseases such as epilepsy, rash, ascites, bladder, menstrual irregularities, lower …

The main cause is the stagnation of gas, the gas can encroach on the territory, the loss of the event, or by the low abdominal nourished, making the ground rules. The carpentry is broken, resulting in the function of the two organs and spleen without air conditioning that disease. Disease is much due to depression, angry to hurt the cans, leading to poor eating, fatigue, excessive thought to hurt the spleen that caused the disease.

Symptoms: Patient sigh or sigh, the spirit of suppression, ribs filled with pain, or sigh, or angry anger, dry mouth, dry mouth, poor eating, abdominal or rectal pain, diarrhea, white moss or viscera, hypotension. Depending on the status quo use the appropriate medicine as follows:

As dysentery, or stasis (stagnation of food)

Symptoms: Patient chest ribs filled, belching, poor eating, or angry, depression, mental stress, dyspepsia diarrhea.

Treatment: Stomach.

Medicinal Mini describe weak method: White Atractylodes 12g, 6g packaging bare, white thược 8g, 6g room style. Usage: One drink a day, drink 3 times a day. The patient’s condition may be reduced and the dose may be appropriate.can-power-other-in-dong-y-1

Some of the medications in the dispenser.

Do not lose control, air loss benefits, loss of function of the primary cause of rash (pain in the side of the ribs)

Symptoms: When the pain in the ribs mainly pain, pain throughout the chest. Pain occurs when the anger, agitation, the disease is more severe, if the disease is not treated for long periods of time, the air contorted in the ground, in addition to the pain accompanied by poor eating, eye and face mild edema, limb dysentery uncomfortable.

Treatment: pneumococcal pneumonia.

Medicinal drug records can add more spleen. Sai 8g, only 6g, 6g white, 8g ceiling, licorice (prick) 4g, incense 8g, cross 6g frame. Candy 12g, white spirit 8g. Depending on the patient’s condition, they may be added to other medications and given as appropriate. One drink three times a day drinking before eating.

Due to the body is low-level infection, spleen loss of transport, low blood stasis, blood gas stagnation, coherent congestion, gradually arise ascites

Symptoms: Clinically inclined to congestion bottleneck, so the belly press to non-snake, abdominal skin stretching, under the ribs filled, pain, eating poor, after eating the belly full, belching uncomfortable, urine small, moss white tongue, circuit.

Treatment: pneumocystis pneumonia, low abstinence.

Remedies: Sai Gon records, in coordination with the essence of the pride (Bai Sai paper has been mentioned above). Last Area ladder components:Atractylodes 12g, 10g post-therapy, the ceiling Packaging 6g, 12g trạch description, except in 8g, licorice 4g, 4g cinnamon, angelica Atractylodes 8g, 8g for flexible, born Jiang 5 slices. Depending on the status of the patient, the dose should be reduced and adjusted appropriately. Eat three times a day, drinking when hungry, when the drug is warm.

Due to gas cannon, the loss of motor events that cause the disease system (abdominal pain).

Symptoms: Poor eating habits, abdominal distension filled, sometimes pain spread to the lower abdomen, or pain is not fixed, when belching or dyspnea is painful.

Treatment: pneumoconjunctivitis.

Drug remedies: Sai canal records. Depending on the status of the patient to reduce and take the appropriate dose, one drink a day, drink 3 times a day after eating, drink when the drug is warm.

Due to emotional depression, cannibalism, dysfunction, the two circuit pulse unbalanced air conditioning, crashes over the spleen, spleen hemorrhage spasm, spontaneous hemorrhoids abnormal mesothelioma irregularly .

Symptoms: Patients with periods before menstruation, or after menstruation, menstruation may be more, may be less, menstrual difficulties, darker hips, lumps, chest ribs and tight breasts, and painful, sometimes disturbed apple, anger, anorexia …

Treatment: Sneeze sneezing, hemorrhoids.

Remedy: Consumption: 8g, 12g, 12g, 8g, 12g, 12g, 6g, 4g. Depending on the status of the patient that dose and reduce the appropriate. One drink a day can smooth powder three times a day drink 6-8g.

Due to fatigue, apnea, or irritability. Air gas turbine roll off the spleen, loss of motor function, low birth weight, low temperature heat for a long time, low temperature heat down, damage the pulse and circuits of the lower life (lower gas) ) …

Symptoms: Anaphylaxis (yellowing of the air) is permanent, the sticky odor, or yellowish fluid that comes with the fluids. Genital inflammation or itching, mouth dry throat, anxiety or anger, abdominal fullness, defecation.

Treatment: Low heat friction.

Remedy: Long bronze statue canal 12g, chrysalis 8g, 12g birth, 4g, 4g, 8g far from the money 8g, 12g. Depending on the status of the patient, the dose should be reduced and adjusted appropriately. One drink three times a day after eating.



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